Saturday, November 3, 2012

When a new job comes along in a new city, there are a lot of things to consider: where to live, where to shop, how to travel . . . it can all be overwhelming.  This is the shortlist of things movers need in new cities--a bit of advice to take a little of the stress and worry out of one of the biggest changes life can throw at you.
  • Even when renting, find a property agent.  Avoid "apartment locators." Stick with a property agent who will show you what you need to see--not just what they want to sell.   Renters need several options--not just the one apartment complex that will pay a locator a commission.  It is worth paying for.
  • Have a good GPS system that will navigate well through the new city streets.  New inhabitants often find treasures when they take an unnecessary turn, but they should be sure they can get back on the right path again.
  • New inhabitants should never move on their own.  They should have some support with them in the days of apartment hunting, information gathering, and settling down, even if the support system is temporary.
  • The newly-employed should always have time to undertake a move.  A month is a good period of time to find an apartment, pack and get things transported to a new location.  Any less time, and the stress will build to intolerable levels
  • Pack an iron and ironing board in an accessible place.  The movers may not make it to a new residence by the first day of new employment.
  • Take the bus in a new city if it is available. New and needful things may pop up that would not be noticed otherwise.
  • Take extra underwear and stay in a less expensive hotel.  Apartment/house hunting may take longer than expected.
  • Find the public library.  Librarians know everything and can help a new patron to find a good grocery store, a local theater and all kinds of other delights.  They also know about things going on in the community, and friends may be found there, too.  Use the opportunity to get involved and become part of something larger than life.
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